We figure we’ve been a bit feline elitist in the past few years.
So, in the spirit of unity among the animal kingdom, we have decided to open up this section to all kinds of critters, not just kittehs…

What does it take to be an olive47 critter of the month?
Is it style? Is it some kind of hollywood connection? Does my critter need an agent? No! of course not! … Well, maybe?

it only takes 4 special qualities:
1. being a critter.
2. having some human who is willing to write a couple solid paragraphs on said critter.
3. having a photograph of said critter
4. panache! panache! panache!

Your animal needs its 15 minutes of stardom!
*Now this blessed honor comes with its own certificate of merit complete with your pet’s name!*
Enter your pet today!