olive47 is a street artist/muralist/printmaker born in Chattanooga TN sometime in the 70’s. She received her BFA from SCAD and MFA from Camberwell College of the Arts in London UK. She recently moved back to Los Angeles after 9 years living in London and Atlanta, where she was a featured muralist in the Living Walls 2012 conference. In 2009, she released Miss Cupcake, the award-winning vinyl artist platform toy and and subsequent DIY, available internationally.  

She has exhibited in solo and group shows at venues such as Nelson Street Gallery (ATL), Breeze Block Gallery (Portland OR), Gabba Gallery (Los Angeles) and San Diego Comic Con. Her colour-filled naturescapes can be seen in numerous street art/graffiti blogs and publications; her work is held in the permanent collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Centennial Olympic Parks Dept.
Her heroes are Buckminster Fuller, Joseph Campbell, Prince, and David Bowie.

nature, gardening, snorkeling, travel
Favourite travels: barcelona, berlin, tokyo, miami, new york
Music: underground hip hop, experimental electronic, bhangra

General trivia:
• Started painting murals of southern plantations and rococo cupids in houses and businesses for extra money in college.
• Has lived in Savannah, GA, Portland, OR, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, and London UK
• Founded cult in 2002, now boasts over 450 members, internationally.
• Began doing "street art" in 1995 making collages from old 50's science books, xeroxing and posting them on telephone poles.
• Tattoo on her back is image from one of the science books. It depicts the theory of reflection.
• All 3 of her tattoos represent different facets of light: reflection, refraction, luminosity. 
• Moved on to stickers in 1998 while working for design companies in Los Angeles...Used company credit card to pay for them.
• First sticker was of 7 inch pink sperm with one eye.
• The egg with salt was the first image used for a paste up.
• Uses a mix of brush paint and  spray paint due to asthma and extreme allergy issues.

* download cv (pdf)

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