I am happy to be part of the Cratedigger 2 show at Gabba Gallery next week. If you’re in L.A., come through!

Part of the joy of searching for a new album is digging through the crates of records and looking at all the different album cover art.

Curated by Jason Ostro and hosted at Gabba Gallery, Cratedigger is our second annual show in hommage to the disappearing art that is the album cover. With over 90 artists creating album covers for real and imagined musicians and bands, ever piece is 12×12 inches and available for purchase.

Show opening is August 12th, 2017, 7-11pm
On view at Gabba Gallery through August 26th, 2017.
Free parking at 3000 Beverly Blvd (enter off Reno)

Featuring over 90 artists, including: 
÷–x+, 8333, Alex Achaval, Douglas Alvarez, Balloonski, Allison Bamcat, Bandit, Donna Bates, Cody Bayne, Terri Berman, Binho, Bioworkz, Andrea Bogdan, Timothy Boggs, Jodi Bonassi, Cache, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Giovanni Carretti, Kate Carvellas, Ruben Chavez, M Christy, Diane Cockerill, Brett Crawford, Baha Danesh, Dcypher, Lisa Derrick, Yaron Dotan, Keith Dugas, Dytch66, Carly Ealey, Joey Feldman, Jonas Fisch, Scott Froschauer, Jaq Frost, Teri Gaddie, Mike Habs, Cloe Hakakian, Mary Hanson, Hero, Cyrus Howlett, Khalid Hussein, Elena Jacobson, Warren Jacobson, Trixy Jewels, Paul Juno, Kate Kelton, Val Kilmer, Leah Knecht, Konecki, Jennifer Korsen, Andee Kuroda, Leba, Stephen Levey, Karin Lindberg Frida, Corban Lundborg, David McKay, Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass, Nicole Waszak Mendez, Mogley, Bobbi Moline-Kramer, Morley, Jules Muck, Max Neutra, nvralone, Daisuke Okamoto, olive47, Jason Ostro, Judy Ostro, John Park, Pastey Whyte, The Perez Bros., Phobik, Valerie Pobjoy, Olga Ponomarenko, Diane Portwood, Patrick Quinn, Christina Ramos, Christine Rasmussen, Lucas Raynaud, Bethany Richards, Benjamin Rogers Kristine Schomaker, Septerhed, Jeffrey Sklan, Amy Smith, Bisco Smith, Spacegoth, Hannah Streety, Casey Supple, Skye Amber Sweet, TEWSR, Vakseen, Em Wafer, Sebastien Walker, Christine Webb, Jared Yamahata, Meg Zany