I headed over to Atlanta last week and painted a mural for the Children’s Amphitheatre at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Their brief asked for a new height chart to replace one that had to be removed in their newest renovations and a new Venus Flytrap photo op. It was super cool as the flowers painted were specifically requested, so I got to learn to paint some new ones I hadn’t thought about before and beyond that, painting in the middle of gardens is awesome! Check it out!

Sunday the 12th, I participated in the Morphinominal Art Show at Meltdown Comics. My piece was a little different as I knew it would be all about the Rangers and the Villians. My piece was about Park Cat aka P.C. aka the second pink ranger who was turned into a cat by Rita Repulsa. I think the show is up for a couple weeks… go poke around over there regardless. 

A couple other cool shows and murals and stuff coming up in the next month.