We See You. 
Inspired by the protest photographs and words of my friends in Atlanta , this project is for my friends of colour and their allies who feel scared when you see those blue lights. I was listening to an interview with some of the protestors from the 60’s and 70’s civil rights movement and one of them said the biggest difference we have now is that almost everyone has a phone with a camera, that we can then send these photographs and videos out to the world within seconds, and this should be making everyone more accountable for their actions.  This is to remind that we are all watching and we all care what is happening in our communities. Be vigilant and bear witness. Protest peacefully and reject violence. 

I encourage others to print them and post in their own city as well. They are vectors(pdf), so they can be resized to any format easily. All files are available for download at http://tinyurl.com/z79xsky

I’ve had quite a few inquiries regarding Tshirts, so I put some up on my Threadless shop

Also, I have some handscreened eggshell slaps. So email if you want a few. 

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