HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope your 2016 is off to a good start!

This month has been busy busy. 

On the 7th, I drew on Converse with ol BlackCatTips and CatLanta over at the Atlanta Station DSW. We expected to be there for about 3 hours, but we had such a turn out, we ended up spending 6 whole hours with you guys… thank you to those who spent 3+ hours in line patiently. Not a meltdown in sight. Here’s some photos of just a few of the ones I drew on.12522912_10153956417470362_6386546237238905324_n
















From the 14th on through the next couple of weeks, I painted a mural commissioned by the folks over at Atlanta Tech Village. Hopefully, it inspires all the startups to grow into big beanstalks and have their own white unicorns one day.

Next up are a couple of secret plans you’ll be seeing soon. ooooOOOOooooo