I’ve been getting a lot of commissions lately. Most of the time, it’s a easy breezy and pleasant experience, but every now and then, there are some unpleasant conversations that have to be had… which brings me to the subject of pricing and timelines.

Timelines: If you are client who operates under the “hurry up and wait” method, I advise you not to book my time and then put me off two weeks…repeatedly. Please wait until you are completely ready for me to come work with you… we can work out the sketch and so forth before hand, but don’t constantly put me off waiting for a room to be completed. It makes me secretly hate you, will cause a lot of tension; and I will have to charge you a percentage for my time as it throws off my scheduling for other projects and clients.

Pricing: Please do not try to haggle with me when I quote you a price. I charge a fair, competitive price that is in-line with what you will find from any muralist or decorative painter. You don’t haggle with your house painter or your carpenter. While painting looks fun, it’s still highly skilled work. Think about it this way. It’s pretty much like several hours of low to high impact exercise, lifting, climbing, balancing, AND we’re having to THINK about how to produce this image while we do it. We’re like circus performers without the sparkly costumes and trained doggies in top hats.
I once had a client ask if I happened to finish the mural early, if they would only have to pay half price. Of course not.  And unfortunately, I don’t want to trade services (unless you are the inventor of my dream hover chair.) I have to eat and pay bills just like you do.. and sometimes, I like to buy new socks.

I suppose that makes me sound like a big ol bitch, doesn’t it? I’m really not. I’m probably nicer than your grandmother. I’m just sayin’ cause no one else will. They’ll play nicey-nice to your face and make fun of your ugly children behind your back.

Unfortunately, this notice is something many of my colleagues have talked to me about, as well as experiencing personally. Treat your artists with respect and not like a fast food employee. We are doing something you can’t do yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be coming to us.


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