I painted an ibis today on my friends’ fence in honour of their new baby. That was pretty fun.


And here’s a story for you:
About a month ago, someone on the streets of my neighborhood called me Ginger and acted like she knew me (and liked me) well. My name isn’t Ginger… Not my real one, nor any of my 304 aliases.
Yesterday, someone stopped to say hello while I was painting and thought my name is Ginger, again. This time in a different neighborhood and a different person.
So I got to thinkin’. For years, I have been told I have a very close look-a-like in this town.. I wonder if she is Ginger. I hope Ginger isn’t a total cunt… or maybe it would be good if she was, and then I could run around stealing cars, smacking bitches, being horrible and just blame it on Ginger.

Fuckin’ Ginger.