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If you want to hire olive to make your visual life better, contact her through one of the following means: email: olive47 [at] olive47 [dot] com facebook: olive47 tweet: miss_olive47 Linked In: profile  


MS RYAN CAMPBELL | olive47 ART DIRECTOR | DESIGNER | ILLUSTRATOR Download resume in pdf format SKILLS Graphic/Web/Mobile/Smartphone Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Character Design, Photography, Photo Editing/Colour Correction, Information Architecture, GUI Design, Content Conception, Copy Writing, Production Design, Typography, Style Guides, Mood Boards, Product Mockups, Patterns, Icons, Colour Theory, Fine Art disciplines, Murals, Printmaking, Prop Design. […]


In the early 2000’s, a rumour went around that olive47 was an old japanese man. olive isn’t THAT old… or japanese…or a man. She is a kickass designer and illustrator who has over 18 years of professional experience in the design field…skilled in web, print, mobile/ smart phone graphics and apps, 
character design, commercial props, […]