I worked at Yahoo!Music from 1997-1999. When I started, it was still called Launch and their main product was an interactive DVD. I was originally brought in to scan in and make a digital catalogue for their new website’s artist library, which initially consisted of scanning in over 10,000 press shots, photoshopping, cataloguing and cropping them into 200×200 images.

After that project was over, I was hired on and was put in charge of making the header graphics and pullquotes for all of the interviews and articles. I also photographed band chats, moderated the myLaunch community chatroom, made various adbanners, and Tshirt designs. I left in January 1999 to take a position at another company.

In 2005, I was brought back for a year as a contract designer. I was in charge of graphics for various newsletters, flash app modules, and internal ad banners.