marcia furman

“Hi! My name is Marcia Furman, I’m a “stay at home artist” from Western Pennsylvania. I saw Miss DIY Cupcake at the store and thought…I have to paint that! I have a painting called “Evil Sweets ‘n Treats” and this cupcake comes right from that image! Love!”


gerlissa rodriguez

From Gerlissa: “I got this for Christmas and decided to make it as beautiful as my personality!! Lol.. Okay I just had way too many jewels laying around and a lot of time :)”


abe lincoln jr.

“I have been experimenting with Toy Mashups lately, and Miss Cupcake combined with the body of a Kid Robot Trikky figure makes for an awesome Mr. Cupcake. Here he is getting ready to dive out of the frying pan into the oven.” – Abe Lincoln Jr. See Abe at:


lish dorset

here’s a great new custom from lish dorset lish is a writer for craftzine and writes about her experience customizing her miss cupcake DIY here!


warm ‘n fuzzy

Meet Yummy! a delicious smiley cupcake that will leave your tummy feeling all Warm ‘n Fuzzy after the first bite – if he were made out of real bread that is. Too bad it’s not real ^_^ Ingredients: vinyl,vanilla and chocolate acrylics, polymer white cream, chocolate and cinnamon flocking powder + patience and love. check

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Tharp sent us this awesome cupcake he painted at Rivet gallery‘s recent DIY cupcake party. Check out his work at