Howie Green

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“My obsession with toys has been going on my whole life. There is nothing new about it except that I feel like the rest of the world finally caught up with me. I’ve known other artists and creative people who were toy nuts like me but they used to be few and far between.”

“For me the best thing about the whole designer toy movement is that it has opened up the possibilities of what an artist is and does. The designer toy movement is a whole new genre of art that was created totally by artists who are outside the traditional world of the “Art” establishment and it doesn’t follow any of the old rules. There is none of the stylistic similarity that usually defines an art movement. The styles vary all over the map from the iconic symbolism of Reactor 88 and Jesse Hernandez to the slapstick comedy of Mr. Kozik to the elegant delicate off-kilter beauty of Jeremiah Ketner and Tara Macpherson to whatever. It is the most inventive creative movement I have seen since the wild and crazy psychedelic movement in the 60s. Anything goes. But the big difference is that with the Internet serving as the main means of communication this is a global phenomenon with artists from anywhere able to share and sell their work. Let’s Play!”
— Howie Green