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howie green cupcakes 1

Howie Green

Check it out: 4, yes, 4 custom miss cupcakes from Howie Green! “My obsession with toys has been going on my whole life. There is nothing new about it except that I feel like the rest of the world finally caught up with me. I’ve known other artists and creative people who were toy nuts

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welcome to the miss cupcake DIY blog

  Welcome back to the miss cupcake DIY blog. We had to take the site down for a while, because the host company server that previously hosted it had a worm and refused to fix it without some sort of astronomical payment. So, I went through all the photos and reuploaded post by post. whoo.

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Here’s a new customized Miss Cupcake by Bergerbot for his friend Chelsea. It has a layer of Bazooka Joe bubble frosting covering the surprise cake, which is being hugged in a gold & silver graham cracker wrapper. One side of the cupcake has been dipped in blueberry rain clouds and then dusted with a dash

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Mindtwist writes us from the Netherlands: “Found a nice new toy at,Antwerp…Just finished my cupcake. Used Montana spray cans and nail polish (no.. not mine.. honestly).”


michael “micka” patard

Micka sent us these great pics of the two cupcakes he customized. We love the way he posed them with the other cupcakes. “The black miss I call “little sweetness” in english and the second in blue and purple “powders of stars.”


gerlissa rodriguez 2.0

“So this is what I did… Does he look like Gloomy Bear? LOL I hope he does as being that since this is my 2nd custom I hope to make more as often as I can… Obviously he isn’t perfect but I think I did a pretty good job :)” We do too… thanks Gerlissa!


marcia furman

“Hi! My name is Marcia Furman, I’m a “stay at home artist” from Western Pennsylvania. I saw Miss DIY Cupcake at the store and thought…I have to paint that! I have a painting called “Evil Sweets ‘n Treats” and this cupcake comes right from that image! Love!”