Cupcake1Here’s a new customized Miss Cupcake by Bergerbot for his friend Chelsea.
It has a layer of Bazooka Joe bubble frosting covering the surprise cake, which is being hugged in a gold & silver graham cracker wrapper.
One side of the cupcake has been dipped in blueberry rain clouds and then dusted with a dash of pixie farts.
The other side has been infected with tiny balls of happy thoughts and hugs; each one holding a memory of a time she or her dumb cats made me laugh.
Lastly, a delicious candy coated & Chambord filled cherry sits atop, majestic like a young Mario Lopez.
Of course, she commissioned this piece and if it were real, it would cost around $300 a cupcake and only @creme_fraiche could bake it.


















Look here… bergerbot has painted quite a few cupcakes… check out his facebook album here.Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 5.35.17 PM